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 District and Provincial Competitions Rules (linked from Convention Tab)
 OAAS Requirements for Certified and Apprentice Judges  
The deadline was extended to January 1st, 2024 due to COVID 19 pandemic. (see table below) 
OAAS Apprentice Judge form F14.11  Fillable 
OAAS Out of District Judging School Record F14.13 Fillable 
OAAS Certified Judges Fair Assignments F14.14 Fillable 
OAAS Judging School Evaluation  June 2022 word format 
OAAS District Event Registration Form F14.16 Fillable updated June 2023  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (For District Judging Schools, Meetings & other events)
Appendix G - Judging Program Categories updated April 2022
OAAS Requirements for Certified and Apprentice Instructors   
OAAS Apprentice Instructor form F14.12 Fillable 
OAAS Certified Instructor's Judging School Record F14.15 Fillable 
OAAS Judges and Instructors Code of Conduct F14.2  
OAAS Judging School Apprentice Certificate
OAAS Judging School Judge Certificate
Requirements for OAAS Certified & Apprentice Judges COMPARISONS



Judging Standards Handbooks 

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The OHA has an excellent judging standards book if you would like to purchase one go to: https://gardenontario.org/gardenshop/
OHA Judging Book